Lipstick Saving Tips

When you have a lipstick shipped to you please remember that a seller cannot control the climate during the shipping process.  Warehouses/trucks/vans utilized by shippers are NOT climate controlled very well.  Unfortunate, but not seller's fault.  A great way to ensure that a lipstick has not melted/sweat and will become damaged upon opening is to pop the tube in the fridge for 5 -10 minutes to set the product back to a firmer state. This is valuable information if your household climate is humid on occasion too. 

You need to do this also if your lipstick "sweats".  In heated weather lipsticks release a bit of the ingredient oil/liquid and the lipstick looks to be sweating.  This is NOT a ruined or rotten product initially.  However, if this occurs often enough, the product will become very oily and application is difficult. At the point when too many softenings and/or sweats occur the integrity of the product is questionable and should be tossed. Typically the spoiled lipstick will smell like wax or petroleum jelly.  That is a clear indicator that the product has separated to the degree that the ingredients are not mixed any longer.

A quick fridge cool is also great if you like a denser coverage, but only want to apply one coat. 

DO NOT leave in too long as a cold, too firm lipstick may break off. 

Brush application is best when using this method to prevent breakage of a cooled lipstick product. 

**NOTE:  If you have several favs that you switch out seasonally and only use for part of the year, then store in your makeup kit when not in use ~ you may want to put a  zip up makeup pouch or covered tray in your fridge year round, This allows the stick to remain firm year round, reduces exposure to seasonal elements that may cause your stick to go oily over the course of time if you keep sticks more than 18 months.  Just remember if your stick has been in the fridge for over a period of hours/days/weeks/months, take it out 2 hours prior to use to allow it to soften up for application.

You can always get an extension of life on a favorite lipstick if you use a brush with a dab of mineral oil before application.  This will also allow for sheerer coverage if dilution is done properly.  This is great for girls whose favourite lipstick is a daytime matte.  The mineral oil adds a nice sheen to convert to a nighttime look.  REMEMBER:  mineral oil should NOT be applied too close to lipline or it MAY cause feathering.

Lip liners are a great way to prevent feathering of lipsticks.  Another way to prevent feathering and prolong wear of an applied lip colour is to apply your daily foundation color so it goes over the lips.  This is still possible if you use loose minerals for foundation, just make sure your application of the loose mineral is very sheer.  The idea is just to provide a base for the lipstick to "grip" to in order to stay on longer. 

ALWAYS apply lipstick with a lip brush, even if it comes in tube form.  This prevents over application (which requires a "kiss" on a tissue to remove excess; thus wasting some of your product).   If you get 200 applications per tube and have to daub each time you apply, you have eliminated approximately 50-75 total personal use  applications on a tissue you tossed or flushed.  At 12+ per tube high end, you may as well get your money worth.

Try not to tote your lipstick tubes wtih you.  Easy to take out of your bag and leave on a bathroom counter only to lose your fav.  If you must have touchups throughout the day (who doesn't?) the best bet is to invest in a small  lip brush with a cover.  Put another full use on the brush bristles, put on cap, toss in bag and use to touchup after lunch.  If you require more than 1-2 small touchups during the day the brush method will not suffice.  Then you may way to put a sliver of your fav colour in a small twist cover pot and use that. If you forget it somewhere - not as great a loss as losing your last tube that has been discontinued and will take 7-10 days to get via a special order or on ebay. 


Use natural mineral oil for sheen rather than an additional gloss over your colour (cheaper)

Make sure your lips are free of all particles prior to application or they will show up or lipstick will flake off (yes, wash those lips and wipe dry)

Keep lips full of moisture and lipstick ready when bare with a mineral stick to keep them soft and moist

Use a mineral moisture stick under a lip colour to help it adhere and last longer if you do not wear a foundation

Hope this is helpful :)