Cupid's On His Way!

There are two kinds of people in this world: Valentine's Day lovers & Valentine's Day grinches.

Let's just say I am one of those people that as soon as the cards hit the shelves & restaurants advertise their Valentine's Day menus, I am well on my way with brainstorming what exciting things I can do for my man, now my husband (it's our first Valentine's Day this year as a married couple...YIPEEEE!)

Now before you think "She only loves Valentine's Day because she has a partner" I am going to correct you. I have not always had a crush, a boyfriend, a husband.

Growing up, I saw & felt love all around me in all sorts of ways. It touched my heart when I'd see my dad jump the fence at 6.00am to sneak out to buy my mum fresh flowers for every occasion (& sometimes even none). I loved being with my friends sharing and listening to who our dream guy was & even planning our weddings. I'd be mesmerised (& still am) by corny romantic teen movies. Just quickly here are some notable ones in case you have no plans yet for V.Day:

1. A Cinderella Story - one of the best, a modern day version of Cinderella, Chad Michael Murray's pretty face does not disappoint.
2. She's The Man - Based on a Shakespeare play except SO not Shakespeary. Channing Tatum's in it. The end.
3. Passport to Paris - late 90's Olsen twins movie when they were in their early teens, went to Paris and found hot French guys. I own it on VHS...don't judge ;)
4. Anything directed by John Hughes in the 80's. Think Sixteen Candles & Pretty In Pink.

ANYWAY...when Valentine's Day came around I always wanted to spread the love. I recall giving out sparkly love heart stickers to my friends in primary school & when I got to high school, I'd write each of my friends a note telling them why I loved them. I always picked a rose from the garden for my mum & once made my family the coolest coloured toast with their names on them for a V.Day breakfast (sounds odd but find it on Pinterest...too cute!)

Looking back from then till now, I think it's fair to say that I just love love. Seeing it, watching it & feeling it. I truly believe our purpose in life is to love and be loved. This is where our happiness lies. But in order for us to love others we must first love ourselves.

This Valentine's Day you may not have a romantic partner to share it with or you may not acknowledge it at all. And that's okay. But you can always spoil yourself! Have a bubble bath with champagne & some relaxing music, kick back with friends with some pizzas & watch those corny romantic movies or better still, head out to a bar with a L'Staj Lady on your lips and your other ladies by your side & drink cocktails all night!

Embrace the different kinds of loves you have in your life this 14th of February. Our world needs it.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


P.S Check out the L'Staj Valentine's Day pack featuring my two fave liquid ladies- Lady Sassy & Lady Lavish for a lovely $28!

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