L'STAJ first birthday


We set out on this journey with our minds & hearts full of hope, excitement, passion & motivation. One year on, and we are humbled and overjoyed that our L'Staj Ladies are loved by so many beautiful women both near & far!

We thank our families & friends for their endless support & encouragement.
Thank you to the special people that assist us behind the scenes to make our lipsticks come to life! We are truly so greatful.

And the BIGGEST thank you to each & every woman who has waited patiently for their package of amazingness to arrive at their door step. It was totally worth the wait though, right? ? We are so ecstatic that you have chosen our lipsticks to be the leading Ladies in your make-up collections & handbags.

Whether you own one lipstick or the whole collection, we want you to know there's a whole lotta love & care that was put into the Lady you slick onto your lips each day- the packaging, the shade, the perfect 'Lady' name to match...the list is endless! But we wouldn't have it any other way because your happiness is our happiness!

To continue with our endless circle of happiness, we promise to deliver more exciting things in the year ahead. Here's to another year of feeling & looking amazing in L'Staj lipsticks!



Written by Danielle Julie Gambacorta




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