5 Step Sexy Pout!


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, there is nothing worse than visibly dry, cracked skin to ruin that perfect pout.

Below are 5 simple steps to achieve the sexiest pout yet.              



Exfoliation is by far the most important step. It gets rid off all the dead skin which cause clumping after applying the lipstick. Simply pop some product on your lips and scrub away! My personal fav lip scrub is by Lush Cosmetics. Bubble gum flavour so it's delicious and it works wonders!


Next you will need to moisturise. This is a necessity to maintain hydrated lips which is what you will need for the next step! 


Apply the lipstick all over your lippies.


A lot of people tend to line the lips before applying lipstick but we say the opposite! If you line the lips after already applying the lipstick not only does it stop it from running but it defines the lips.


Simple yet so effective. All you need to do is grab your favourite concealer and angle brush and outline your lips. This step is very underrated but important in our eyes. It makes the lips look clean and sharp.

Now you're ready to pout away!


Below is a list with links of my favourite products to use for each step.

1- Lush Cosmetics 'Bubblegum Lip Scrub'.  Click Here

2- Nivea 'Repair & Protection Lip Balm'. Click Here

3- L'STAJ 'Lady Foxy'. Click Here

4- Mac Cosmetics 'Ruby Woo Lip Pencil'. Click Here

5- Bobbi Brown 'Creamy Concealer Kit'. Click Here

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